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Update on 2018 Winter Break Donations

Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far to help fund a week and a half of me not working, aka winter break. Thus far, 23 people have donated to the sum of about $950. Thank you! That puts me half way to the goal of reaching $2,000. Once again, your donations are...

How to Get Good at Dealing With Massive Change

By Leo Babauta It can be stressful and anxiety-inducing to be in the middle of a bunch of life changes at once — so much so that it can turn a time of change into a time of misery. We all go through times of massive change: a divorce, death in the family, change...

Building a Mind Strong Enough for Awakening

This post is the start of a short series of blog posts around preparing for awakening. In the following weeks, I’ll have posts as follows: Building a Heart Strong Enough for Awakening Building a Body Strong Enough for Awakening This series is speaking to the...