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How To Slow Down Time and Live Longer

“They sure grow up fast, don’t they?” “The older you get, the faster time flies.” “You can’t slow down time, so treasure your days because they’ll be gone before you know it.” We’ve all heard these thoughts,...

Connecting Your Work Tasks to Meaning

By Leo Babauta I’m really good at getting a lot of things done, taking action, piling up a buttload of completed tasks. Action isn’t my problem — it’s making the tasks themselves feel more meaningful. Do any of you have that problem, that your...

Conflicting Ego Beliefs Are a Major Headache

Time for a brief recap. What is the ego? The ego is a collection of beliefs based on past experiences and absorbed from other people, e.g. mom believes that turmeric is healing so you believe turmeric is healing too. This creates a personality full of many kinds of...