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Donating to Support My Annual Winter Break

Once again, another year is fast coming to a close, and it’s about time for my winter break. Each year, I take at least a week and a half off to rest, re-charge, and rejuvenate. And each year, I reach out to all of you to ask for support. As any of you who work...

Honor Your Progress and the Path That Led You Here

“In time and with water, everything changes.” ~Leonardo da Vinci This is a story about our past and progress. It’s about holding on and letting go, moving forward by moving inward, and time. And like any good story, it’s a love story in the...

Is it Time to Hit the Spiritual Reset Button?

There is soooo much spiritual information available now. Historically, this is unheard of to have this much access to so much stuff, but what do you do with it all? Having all the spiritual information and tools that we now have is a little like having a modern day...