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There seems to be some debate amongst the coaches of strength world leaving athletes confused on whether you should “break at the knees” first or “hips back first” for the best position and balance during the squat.

In our last video of the “Fix Your Squat” series, Aaron will explain the importance of “hips back first” and why he teaches it.

If you’ve seen the other videos in the series, we’ve talked a lot about mobility and movement but one of most important aspects that most people miss entirely about proper squatting is BREATHING. A poor set up without properly using the power of your breath can be just as make or break in a squat as stiff ankles.

In part 4, you’ll learn how to properly breathe and brace your core for a barbell squat so you can maintain good position and lift maximal weight.

You’ll also learn about using a belt during squatting, what belt does and doesn’t do, how to properly use a belt, when it’s ok to use a belt and when you maybe should hang it up and go without.

Give it a watch.

And if you haven’t seen the other 3 parts of this series, check out part 1, part 2 and part 3 for more juicy nuggets, and technique and mobility tips for the squat.


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