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Find Your “Rat People”: The Best Advice for People-Pleasers

Deadly Women. I like Deadly Women. Allow me to rephrase: I don’t have an affinity for murderous ladies, and I’m also not a fan of murder as a practice. I am decidedly pro-loving people and anti-killing them. And yet I enjoy the show Deadly Women and watch...

Everything Positive is Negative, Everything Negative is Positive

By Mark Manson, Excerpt fromThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck There’s an insidious quirk to your brain that, if you let it, can drive you absolutely batty. Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: You get anxious about confronting somebody in your life. That...

Experiencing Spiritual Information Overload?

It’s probably not since the combination of widespread literacy and mass-produced books that we’ve had such a huge surge forward in accessible information, including spiritual information. Seriously. Go to YouTube right now, search a spiritual topic, and...